Unforgettable Cocktail Hour Catering Service For Cranford

At Ciao Bello Restaurants we truly believe that it is the small details on a wedding day that can make all the difference. Everything from the songs on the wedding playlist to the types of flowers that decorate the ceremony can transform a good wedding into a great one. Another feature of a successful Cranford wedding is the design, quality and ingenuity of the cocktail hour catering service. While it may seem like a less important part of your big day than the ceremony itself, the subsequent banquet or late night music, the truth is that filling this gap in the middle of the day is crucial for the overall success of your wedding.

At Ciao Bello Restaurants our skill and years of combined experience means that we fully understand how important it is to have a cocktail hour that is filled with hidden delights that will keep guests entertained while you are busy with photographs and many of the other obligations of this special day. With Ciao Bello Restaurants on your side you can relax safe in the knowledge that your guests are being properly looked after.

The Cocktail Hour Specialists

Over the years, we have been fortunate enough to cater for hundreds of weddings in Cranford. In that time, we have developed a reputation for creating wonderfully unique cocktail hour services. The range of locally sourced, natural ingredients that we use in our hors d’oeuvres combined with the finest range of cocktails and other refreshing drinks that we offer is a winning combination that few can match. What’s more, we always guarantee that our cocktail hour food and drink options always remain part of the wider theme of your wedding, and we also like to surprise your guests with some treats that they rarely expect!

The Key to a Successful Cocktail Hour Service

Like anything on your big day, there are a wide range of factors that go into making a cocktail hour a successful part of your wedding day. This includes everything from using the freshest of ingredients to ensuring that there is a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage options. However, one of the most important parts of this service is time.

Take it from us, there is nothing worse than having guests waiting too long between the ceremony ending and the food being served. From our experience, we find that the perfect length of a cocktail hour is anywhere from one hour to ninety minutes. This amount of time is perfect to allow guests to get to know each other and sample the wonderful delights that we have provided but not so long that the mood of the day is affected.

Call Today for an Exemplary Cocktail Hour Service

To have the best wedding catering service means selecting the best wedding catering company Cranford has to offer. Our wide range of cocktail hour options, allied to our competitive prices make us the perfect choice for your big day. Don’t delay, call us today.