Buffet Dinner Catering Excellence in Garwood

Up until recently, most of the weddings in Garwood were catered using a more formal sit-down menu option. However, much like the growing gravitation from religious to civil ceremonies, there has also been a shift to buffet style dining options among prospective brides and grooms in Garwood. The informal and more relaxed nature of buffet style catering offers a real and unique selling point for couples who want something different for their wedding. If you want the most innovative buffet style catering for your wedding in Garwood, then there is only one number to call.

With years of combined experience in the buffet catering field, our skilled team of chefs, catering staff and event planners can ensure that your buffet meal is everything you ever wanted. Being both elegant and delicious without losing any of the relaxing charm that attracted you to the idea in the first place, a buffet catering service from Ciao Bello Restaurants will live long in the memory.

Benefits of Buffet Style Catering for your Wedding

The benefits of a buffet style catering are wide and multifaceted. In general, how our buffet works is that we have serving staff stationed behind each buffet table serving dishes as requested. However, we can also provide the buffet tables in a self-serving capacity without the serving staff. This option saves on money as it requires fewer staff, and is also one of the most casual dining choices.

One of the main benefits of buffet options is that they provide a cost-effective way of ensuring that guests with dietary restrictions are catered for. The wider selection afforded by a buffet style is also perfect for picky eaters who might not see what they like in a traditional sit-down menu.

Another advantage to buffet style catering is that affords guests who may not know each other an opportunity to talk and mingle. Breaking the ice socially in this way is a sure-fire way of ensuring that your big day will become a big night that will live long in the memory. On top of that, the spread-out nature of our serving stations mean that guests will never have to wait in line too long for food. Also, the cook to order service that we offer means that meals can be tailored to meet each of your guests specific needs.

Call the Buffet Catering Experts Today

If you want to ensure that your wedding lives long in the memory for your guests, then you need to invest in a professional catering service that you can trust. Ciao Bello Restaurants’s skill and experience when it comes to orchestrating the perfect buffet catering service for your wedding is unrivalled and we will always go the extra mile to ensure that you won’t be disappointed. Call us today for further information on our wide range of buffet options or to learn more about our competitive prices.