Business Mixer Catering Professionals Serving Garwood

Ask anyone working in business what is one of the most important aspects for any new company to focus on and the answer will, more often than not, be the same: networking. Whether you are looking to grow your business from the ground up or simply want to maintain existing clients, networking is very important. For some people networking is a formal affair that involves hours spent on Linkedin or at Chamber of Commerce events discussing tedious matters in a bland and forgettable environment. However, to maximize your networking opportunities, it is always important to add a splash of color and individuality.

A business mixer event is the perfect way of generating new business for your company while also making invaluable contacts in your own or adjoining industries. However, like anything in life, if you are going to go all the effort of hosting a business mixer event, then you might as well go that extra mile and choose the professional touch. With years of experience catering for business mixer events for all types of companies across a broad spectrum of industries, we can offer a corporate catering service that is unrivalled in Garwood.

Benefits of Business Mixers

What better way to do that than by hosting your own business mixer event. Business mixers provide local companies of all shapes and sizes in Garwood the opportunity to liaise with other businesses in their field as well as others in complimentary industries. This informal setting is often conducive with opening-up channels that might otherwise remain closed.

High Quality Catering

At Ciao Bello Restaurants we work hard every day to ensure that all our corporate catering services are as detailed as possible. When it comes to the food that we use in our platters, sandwiches and salads, you know that the delicious taste is not at the expense of anything else. All our food is fresh and, where possible, locally sourced. It is this commitment to detail that allows us to offer the tastiest and most innovative recipes and menu options. We also take the event planning and organization aspects of our business mixer service very seriously. Our professionally certified event planners can cater to all your needs and execute an event that will incorporate exactly what your business stands for.

Call the Corporate Catering Experts

Everyone member of our team is passionate about catering. It is this passion, drive and commitment to excellence that we look for when adding new chefs, bar-staff or event planners. This is also what separates us from other catering companies in Garwood. A business mixer takes time and effort to plan and organize. It stands to reason then that you should only choose a catering company that can deliver guaranteed results. Don’t settle for second best, call the corporate catering team you can rely on today. Trust us, you will not regret it.