Catering for Your Fundraising Event in Westfield

At Ciao Bello Restaurants, fundraising events are some of our favorite corporate events to cater for. We know that charities, sports clubs and schools in Westfield work tirelessly to fundraise for these much-needed dollars and, for us, it is an honor to contribute positively to these events. The skill, experience and attention to detail that we bring to these events is second to none. Our commitment to providing the most inclusive catering service possible means that you can concentrate on what really matters; raising much needed money for your chosen cause. If you are in the process of organizing a fundraising event, then why not contact the Westfield experts you can rely on today. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

Number One Catering Company for Every Fundraising Event

The standard and quality of the catering company that you hire can make or break your fundraising event. The fact of the matter is that while the cause of the fundraising event is vitally important, it is almost equally crucial that the right ambiance, menu and range of beverages are available. At Ciao Bello Restaurants we have catered for hundreds of different fundraising events since first opening our doors. In that time, we have treated every one like it was our first and it is that mantra that we apply to all fundraising events.

Memorable Food and A Positive Experience

When food and drink are part of your fundraising event you need to make sure they are of a high quality. How your guests, and potential contributors, will remember you event depends very much on what they thought of the food, drink and service. With stakes as high as these, it is important that you choose a catering company that matches your commitment and dedication to the cause. The flexible nature of our professional catering service means that we have no restrictions on the range of options available to you. This wide choice means that we are the perfect choice for a company who wants the nest of both world. Our lack of menu restrictions also means that we will allow you complete flexibility on the options that you want included, or excluded, from our service. It is this attention to detail which separates us from our Westfield competitors, and what keeps us one step ahead of the pack when it comes to providing superior catering experiences.

Taste Tests as Standard

At Ciao Bello Restaurants we believe that our chefs are the best that Westfield’s catering community has to offer. It is for this reason that we are happy to offer taste tests as standard to all prospective clients and customers. Our taste tests are completely free and we also offer a complimentary tour of our kitchen for anyone who wants to inspect where our food is cooked and prepared.