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It all started with an idea: To serve authentic Italian cuisine made from only the finest, freshest ingredients. Anybody can make a meal, but what sets us apart is our passion—our passion for food, flavor, and fine dining.

Fueled by that passion, Ciao Bello Restaurants was born. At our restaurant, we offer classic Italian meals, along with a few of our own unique twists, cooked with care, quality, and artistry. Delicious and nutritious, our food is a delight for all.

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Quality Foods, Infused with the Soul of Italy

Italian food is comfort food. But it's also diverse, encompassing everything from gourmet seafood to the hearty, homecooked meals of the paisan. At Ciao Bello Restaurants, we've developed our menu to capture that diversity, providing a wide selection of meals from different regions and culinary traditions. We've got all the usual fare, yes. Pasta, pizza—you name it, we have it. But we also offer a range of dishes that may be less known, but are no less exquisite. Whether you want Tuscan delights or Campanian classics, you're sure to be pleased with what we have.

We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy fine Italian dining, no matter their dietary restrictions. We offer a range of options that are vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free, and we can make alterations for any allergies you or your party may have.

Only the Freshest Ingredients

Italian food consists of only a few ingredients. It prizes simplicity over complexity, elegance over extravagance. That's why, with what ingredients we have, we make them count. We strive to provide only the finest food made from the freshest ingredients. Wherever possible, we use locally-sourced ingredients bought fresh from the farm. We choose ingredients whose origins we know and trust, and which we're proud to serve to our customers. Ultimately, the quality of our food is a reflection of the ingredients we use. It starts at the source, and we make sure our source is second to none.

Dedicated Service

We treat our clients like we would guests in our own home. Our warm and friendly team of experienced servers, cooks, and bussers will treat you with the utmost attention to detail. We strive to achieve the quality of a five-star restaurant while maintaining the comfort and familiarity of your family's dinner table.

We also offer reservations for groups both big and small. Whether you have a corporate event or a special celebration ahead, you can count on us to make you feel right at home.

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Fine dining, quality service, dedicated staff—no surprises that Ciao Bello Restaurants is one of this state's finest Italian restaurants. We're serving homecooked fare that's as much a feast for the eyes as it is for the stomach. Leave the cooking to us, and experience all that Italy has to offer.

For questions, or to request a reservation, don't hesitate to call us at (908) 497-0700. We look forward to serving you.

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