Italian Restaurant in Cranford

Everyone knows Italian food is unparalleled, especially when it's handcrafted with fresh, simple ingredients and a whole lot of love. If you want to enjoy the taste of Italy in a warm, sophisticated, and welcoming environment, we invite you to make a reservation at Ciao Bello Restaurants.

Our restaurant is one of the most popular in Cranford and for a good reason. Not only do we create stunning dishes, but we offer five-star service too. We’re confident you’ll enjoy your meal with us, and we look forward to sharing our passion with you.

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Fresh Flavors on Your Plate

Italian food is known for being simple, fresh, and delicious, and at Ciao Bello Restaurants, we strive to instill these qualities in every dish. Not only do we cook all your favorite, classic dishes, but we put a fresh spin on familiar flavors as well.

At our restaurant, you can choose to start with traditional antipasti like tomato bruschetta or zucchini fritti or something unique like Prince Edward Island Mussels. For mains, we offer classics like pizza, lasagna, eggplant parmigiana or streak strip loin, and various meat and fish dishes.

When you dine with us, you can feel confident knowing there’s something for everyone on our menu, from children to meat-eaters and those who are gluten-free.

If you have questions about our menu – or the modifications we can make, give our staff a call. We’re always happy to chat with you and accommodate your needs.

Stop by For Lunch, Dinner, or Dessert – Italian Style!

Ciao Bello Restaurants is proud to serve you your favorite meals seven days a week, opening at 11 am. So if you have a business lunch, a dinner date, or a visitor in town, we’re always a great dining option. Our menu is extensive yet curated, and we are passionate about providing our diners with a fun and relaxing experience day and night.

Are you celebrating a special event? Ciao Bello Restaurants wants to be part of it! Reserve a large table or order takeout fresh from our ovens for you and your loved ones.

World-Class Pasta Selections

Mouthwatering pasta selections are at your fingertips when you dine with us. Our seasoned chefs are passionate about how our pasta is prepared, which shows in the fresh and delicious flavors you’ll experience with every bite.

Some of our most popular Italian pasta dishes include:

  • Spaghetti and meatballs
  • Linguine vongole
  • Homemade whole wheat fettuccine
  • Lobster ravioli
  • Cheese ravioli
  • Baked lasagna
  • Gnocchi ciao bello
  • …and many more!

When you want to treat your tastebuds to a beloved classic dish, our Italian pasta is sure to satisfy your craving. See our full lunch and dinner pasta menu options here.

Traditional Italian Pizza

Traditional Italian pizza is widely regarded as one of the world's most delicious and satisfying foods. Our classic pizzas are no exception.

Here are some reasons why:

Simplicity: Traditional Italian pizza is a simple dish that relies on a few high-quality ingredients to create an explosion of flavors. Our pizza dough is made from just four ingredients: flour, water, yeast, and salt. Our tomato sauce is crafted with San Marzano tomatoes, which have a rich, sweet flavor, and the cheese we use is a delightful mozzarella, which is creamy and slightly tangy.

Thin crust: Our traditional Italian pizza has a light, crispy crust that is the perfect delivery system for a host of your favorite toppings.

Fresh ingredients: Like our other Italian dishes, our traditional pizza relies on fresh, high-quality ingredients. The toppings can vary depending on your taste, but our standard options include fresh basil, garlic, tomato, mushrooms, olives, and Italian sausage. Our use of fresh ingredients enhances the flavor of the pizza and makes it a truly satisfying experience.

Satisfy Your Antipasti Cravings

When you’re an appetizer aficionado, our antipasti menu is made for you. Satisfy your tastebuds with one of our fresh and sensational first-course dishes, including:

  • Calamari fritti
  • Mozzarella en carroza
  • Jumbo lumb crab cakes
  • Zuppa di clams
  • Caprese salad
  • Prince Edward Island mussels
  • Tomato bruschetta
  • …and more!

If you’re not sure which dish to begin your meal with, our serving staff is always happy to help with ingredient lists and preparation information you can use to make the best selections. Stop by, call, or email our team for more details.

Delight Your Senses with Our Italian Soups

Italian cuisine is known for its delicious and comforting soups, such as minestrone, pasta fagioli, and chicken pastina. Our soups are made with fresh vegetables, aromatic herbs, and high-quality ingredients, which give them a rich, complex flavor and a satisfying texture.

One of the reasons our soups are so satisfactory is the attention to detail that goes into their preparation. Our Italian chefs often spend hours slowly simmering the soup to allow the flavors to meld together and develop a deep, hearty taste.

High-Quality Ingredients for Delectable Dishes

The overall flavor and quality of the food we eat are based on the ingredients that go into preparing it. At Ciao Bello Restaurants, we make our dishes from scratch using fresh, top-tier ingredients, many of which are locally sourced. We care about every piece of food we put on your plate, from premium meats to crispy potatoes and perfectly cooked pasta.

If you are not completely satisfied with our meal, we’ll make it right. We work hard to do right by our customers day in and day out to continue improving the services we offer.

Fresh Italian Ingredients Authenticate Every Dish We Serve

High-quality Italian ingredients are essential to creating an exceptional dining experience for our customers. Our chefs carefully select the best basil, balsamic vinegar, garlic, olive oil, oregano, and other food items to infuse each dish with authentic Italian flavors.

The aromatic blend of these ingredients brings a burst of freshness and complexity to every bite, elevating even the simplest of dishes to a whole new level.

By using only the finest Italian ingredients, we strive to transport our customers to the heart of Italy and provide them with an unforgettable culinary experience.

A Superior Dining Experience

From the moment you enter our restaurant, you will be greeted by our warm and welcoming staff. We will find your reservation or organize a table for you if you don’t have one. We’re happy to accommodate your seating needs and customize our services to you.

We will go over the menu with you and any specials we are carrying. We’ll be happy to recommend food and beverages and well as wine and food pairings at your request.

Our staff welcomes your whole family to join us, kids, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and everyone in between. As a family-owned and operated business, we know how important these memory-making moments are, and we’d be honored to host you for them.

Our team is incredibly attentive, and we’ll be readily available to you throughout your dining experience.

Discover Our Unique Italian Restaurant

While we lean heavily on our Italian heritage when creating dishes for our valued customers, we also know how important it is that our dishes stand out. We want you to remember our food and come back for more.

Our clients have told us that our food is uniquely delicious, combining fresh local ingredients with innovative flavor combinations. So, whether you are looking to order your favorite Italian plate just like Nonna made it – or if you want something a little different, Ciao Bello Restaurants is happy to serve you!

Passionate Italian Chefs

Behind our kitchen doors, you will find a team of passionate and talented chefs who have years of experience cooking Italian food. We approach each dish with care and dedication, ensuring it is cooked to perfection using our knowledge and precision.

With careful eyes overseeing every plate that leaves our kitchen, you can ensure that your meal shows up hot and beautifully prepared.

Our kitchen staff also take your health and safety seriously. Our kitchen is kept thoroughly cleaned and disinfected so you can rest assured your food will never face contamination.

Make Your Reservation

At Ciao Bello Restaurants, we want to ensure you an enjoyable, stress-free dining experience, and to do so, we encourage our customers to make a reservation ahead of time. Thanks to the loyalty of our valued clients, things can get pretty busy around here, and while we want to offer a table to everyone who shows up at our door, sometimes we run out of available seating.

Making a reservation ensures your spot for the evening – whether you are dining with a first date or with a party of family and friends.

With that being said, however, if you want to drop by spontaneously, we will do what we can to accommodate you. At the very least, we’ll add your name to our waitlist and call you when our staff is ready to serve you.

Our Italian Kitchen Is Open Late for Your Convenience

Not everyone wants to eat dinner at 6 pm – and at Ciao Bello Restaurants we wish to accommodate your preferences. We are open to serving you until 11 pm on the weekends and 10 pm throughout the week – so show up at nine and enjoy a beautiful dinner – no problem.

We’re also open for lunch starting at 11 am, so if you want to start your day with a personal pizza or a plate of fresh pasta, our restaurant is the place to be!

Contact Ciao Bello Restaurants and Dine-In or Out

If you are hoping to celebrate a birthday or enjoy an intimate dinner for two, Ciao Bello Restaurants invites you to join us for a night of delicious Italian cuisine in a relaxed ambiance.

We are pleased to offer all your favorites as well as in-house specials, carefully crafted, and cooked to perfection. Our chefs have a keen knowledge of the simple yet magnificent cuisine that is Italian cooking, and we look forward to sharing our passion with you.

For unforgettable flavors and unparalleled customer experience, book a reservation with us today when you call (908) 497-0700.

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Escape to Italy with the Area's Best Italian Food

From the lush rolling hills and vineyards of the north to the stunning coastline down south, Italy is a breathtaking land many people dream of visiting. Despite panoramic views and historical landmarks, when people think of Italy, they think of the food!

At Ciao Bello Restaurants, we are proud to offer the community of Cranford, traditional Italian dishes that have become famous and renowned. We offer a breathtaking amount of options for all types of Italian cuisine, from Apennine delights to Sicilian seafood. Whether you're in the mood for pizza, pasta, or something more special, Ciao Bello Restaurants is here to serve you.

From house-made specials, handcrafted by our chef, we have all your favorites! Our menu ranges from:

  • Calamari
  • Pizzas
  • Lasagna
  • Linguine
  • Chicken parmigiana
  • Gnocchi
  • Tiramisu
  • And more

Check out our lunch, dinner, and dessert menu and get to know the delicacies we have to offer.

Our Local Italian Restaurant Is Simplicity Refined

Italian cooking is known for its simple ingredients. But within that simplicity, there's a refinement, an elegance. There's a level of precision, care, and attention to detail that no other cuisine can match. It's what gives Italian cuisine its distinct taste and texture, its heartiness and delightfulness.

At Ciao Bello Restaurants, we consider that simplicity both an art and a science. We use simple, seasonal, and fresh ingredients to create something magical that our clients aren't soon to forget. Using only the finest ingredients means we can focus on technique, presentation, and taste, rather than overloading the senses with exotic options. Our chefs are highly trained and will ensure that every dish you're served is perfectly cooked and beautifully presented.

Our food is characterized by rich flavors, classic recipes, and generous portions. Enjoy the finest Italian cooking available. Experience the tastes of Tuscany, the classics of Campania, and the rich delights all of Italy has to offer.

Discover a Five-Star Italian Dining Experience

While there may be other Italian places to choose from, no one does customer service quite as we do. From the moment you arrive, you will be welcomed warmly into our cozy and inviting restaurant. We will ensure you're comfortably seated and catered to right away.

Our front-of-house staff is highly experienced, and we will be happy to explain the menu, answer your questions, and ensure you have everything you need to enjoy your meal to the fullest. When you're in our house, we treat you like the guests you are. We want you to feel happy and welcome and enjoy nothing less than the best restaurant service available. Experience it yourself and visit us today.

We understand that our clients may have dietary restrictions, and we are proud to provide options to those who are:

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Gluten-free

Our servers are happy to discuss meal options and alternative ingredients with you at your table. Alternatively, you're welcome to contact us and ask about your options over the phone. We work hard to accommodate all our patrons and make sure we have a suitable meal for all tastes and dietary restrictions. Allow us to handle the cooking, and we'll make sure you enjoy it just fine.

Italian Cuisine, BYOB

Ciao Bello Restaurants offers a carefully curated selection of wines and beverages for you to enjoy with your dinner. But in case you want more, we're happy to say that we are a BYOB establishment.

You can bring your own bottle of wine, and we'll uncork it for you so you can enjoy it with your meal. After all, Italian cuisine is all about the fun, joy, and conviviality, and we embrace that at our restaurant. It's part of what makes us special, what makes such a standout restaurant for good times, fun with friends, and fabulous fresh food.

Dine-In, Takeout—The Choice Is Yours

We're proud to offer Cranford's premier Italian takeout service. While our restaurant offers an exquisite dining experience for friends, family, and parties, we know that sometimes you just want to enjoy a quality meal at home. We're here for that.

All our menus are available for takeout. Better yet, you can order whichever way you want. You can order online, in person, or by phone—whatever works for you. Call us at (908) 497-0700, or use our online takeout form for a simpler transaction.

Fine Dining Delivered to Your Door

That's right: Not only do we do takeout, but we also deliver. If you don't feel like cooking, we have you covered with delivery options at affordable prices. Whether you're in the mood for pizza, pasta, or calamari, you can shop our menu and have it delivered straight to your door and ready to serve. Get it hot and fresh, and enjoy the finest Italian dining without ever having to put on your shoes. Take advantage, and order today.

To order online, use our online delivery form.

Celebrate Your Next Event at Your Favorite Italian Restaurant

There is nothing quite like Italian hospitality when you're celebrating a big event. Whether it's a birthday party, an anniversary, or an engagement party, our staff will be thrilled to have you dine with us.

Let us know the size of your party and your expectations for the evening, and we'll make it a night to remember.

Most Popular Italian Restaurant for Date Night

If you want to impress someone special, you’ve come to the right place. Good food is the best way to connect heart to heart. To ensure your plans go off without a hitch, it’s a good idea to phone us in advance to reserve the seating you desire. This way, the atmosphere will be perfect, and you can count on us to have your table ready for you when you walk through our doors.

Look no further if you’re looking for the most popular Italian restaurant for date night. Our authentic cuisine, top-rated chefs, and exceptional wait staff are looking forward to helping you make the night one of a kind.

Make it Special: Book a Table at an Italian Restaurant for a Birthday Dinner

We are proud to be our region’s preferred Italian restaurant for unforgettable birthday dinners. With a hearty menu from start to finish, you’ll find no other food like ours. From small gatherings to larger parties, we are happy to accommodate your needs in any way we can. Don’t hesitate to reach us for details on making fond birthday memories over some of Italy’s best foods.

Looking for Italian Restaurants Nearby? End Your Search Here

If you’re looking for an Italian restaurant nearby that can satiate your desire to taste the authentic flavors of the Italian peninsula, you’ll want to take notice of our menu. From irresistible appetizers to main courses that inspire awe to the desserts and beverages you love, we have everything it takes to create the genuine taste of Italy—right here at home.

Not only that but our staff is also dedicated to creating a one-of-a-kind atmosphere and experience that will make you feel as though you are part of the family. See why our service is rated second to none by coming in to explore our menu.

The Italian Restaurant Name to Remember  

Fresh and flavorful without too much fanfare to spoil the taste. Our top-rated chefs go the extra mile to ensure each dish we prepare is made to your exacting standards. If there is one Italian restaurant name you don’t want to forget—it’s ours. With so many authentic Italian dishes to choose from, it might be difficult to know where to start. Speak to our expert waitstaff for recommendations, ingredient information, and answers to any questions you may have. We’re looking forward to sharing our home-grown talent for cooking with you. Connect with us to book a reservation, place and order for take-out, or to request delivery service, today.


We Have Tons of Positive Italian Food Reviews

There is no better way to judge how something will taste than to experience it yourself. The unique taste of our food will tantalize your tastebuds and leave you wishing you had room for more. We invite you to take a peek at the Italian food reviews some of our clients have recently left for us.

Make a Reservation at Ciao Bello Restaurants

While we are always happy to accept walk-ins to ensure your spot, it's still best to make a reservation. Contact us by phone or email to book a table and plan your evening with us.

We look forward to serving you!